1 Installing R packages

After installing R and R-Studio, you still need to install a number of so called R packages. We will learn more about what packages are and how to use them, but I strongly recommend you to install now already all the packages you will need over the following semester. This way you make sure that everything is working now, and you save yourself from trouble during the semester. Moreover, installing these packages is necessary to do the exercises provided after each session.

To install packages, a stable internet connection is required. Then, proceed as follows:

  1. Download the script install_packages_script.R and save it in a directory of your choice
  2. Open the file install_packages_script.R in R-Studio.
  3. Adjust the first to the OS you are using. For instance, when you are using a Mac the file should look like this:
  4. Select lines 1-37 and click on the button Run (the screenshot only shows the lines 24-37, the previous lines are also selected):